Quick Post! How to Cook the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg…

 The SIMPLEST of things I often find difficult. Isn’t that silly? Likely because I over think everything or I am moving too fast and haven’t taken the time to learn how to do it properly. Have you ever done something OVER and OVER again sub-par because you just “kind of know how to do it” or “pretty much remember how” but never really take the time to LEARN how ONCE AND FOR ALL? I am CONSTANTLY doing this and I think to myself, if I am doing this all the time, others must be too. (And yes, doing the same thing all the time and always expecting a different outcome is the very definition of insanity – but I swear I don’t do the same wrong thing every time, it’s always something different!)Boiling a hard boiled egg is one of those things for me. And, I actually have pet peeves that go along with boiling a hard boiled egg wrong! Like that weird green layer that can show up around the egg yolk, or the egg that has a shell that won’t come off no matter what and I spend half an hour DESTROYING my hard boiled egg just to get the shell removed. Or the hard boiled eggs that are half cracked when you’re finished making them. Even more still, ever wonder how long you can store them in the refrigerator once they are hard boiled? UGH. Yes, ALL of those things bother me and almost without fail, I have one or all happen each time I attempt to hard boil eggs. Not only are hard boiled eggs DELICIOUS and a PERFECT SNACK, they fit into any diet, are grab and go easy, perfect for a toddler’s snack and just the right amount of protein and fat – some would say it is the PERFECT FOOD.

 I want to give quick, no fail directions (without the amount of detail that I could give. I AM that pedantic, but try desperately not to come across that way through my blog!!!) I am going to HIGHLIGHT the few steps that will garner a PERFECT hard boiled egg EVERY SINGLE TIME and provide you a link to a site that will give you every detail (and I highly recommend reading it at least once)! These helpful guidelines come from What’s Cooking America?, a Website I have had bookmarked for AT LEAST the past 4 years. None of these will sound out of the box and all will likely seem common sense – but each is key:

1. You need eggs that are 3-5 days old. Buy a dozen just for hard boiling and let them sit in the fridge for 5 days.

2. Take them out of the fridge for 30 minutes before you boil them so they aren’t fridge cold (will prevent them from cracking when you begin boiling).

3. Place in a pot in one single layer and cover with water JUST enough to fully cover your eggs.

 4. Do not add salt (read about why on their website!)

5. Bring water and eggs to a rapid boil and immediately REMOVE FROM HEAT and place a lid on the pot.

 6. Let sit for 17 minutes. EXACTLY 17 minutes – this is the cooking process and the time it takes for a large egg’s yolk to harden.

7. At 17 minutes, carefully remove eggs from the hot water and add to a bowl of freezing cold water (even with ice) which stops the cooking process.

 8. Let sit in the cold water for 10 minutes.

9. That’s IT! When you want to eat one, tap the shell to break it on the larger end of the egg while running under cold water. The shell will come off almost whole. It’s the coolest thing!

    10. Store in the refrigerator for one week.

 I swear I’ve been hard boiling eggs the wrong way for most of my life. Hope this is helpful for you all. Go ahead and bookmark it if it’s helpful to you. Each time I make hard boiled eggs now, I can’t believe how perfect they always are!

Wishing you all a happy first day of Summer!!!!

XO ~ Stephanie

2 thoughts on “Quick Post! How to Cook the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg…

  1. All the years I’ve been cooking, quite a few!, this is one task that has always been difficult! I knew to wait a week before boiling and to crack the shell and let them sit in water before peeling. However the part, when I was young, no internet and when mother/grandmother/aunt/friends/libraries were the only way to find out information, it was only once in awhile that the eggs turned out the way one wanted them!! This information, Stephanie, is great and takes all the wondering, crossing fingers and just hoping your eggs will be appealing, for those deviled eggs or just enjoying boiled eggs. Thank you, mom

    • Mom you’re so sweet. You were actually part of my inspiration for making this a quick post! I literally recalled you saying you bookmarked the same site I did and I thought to myself, if mom did it too, others might as well. Love you and thanks for replying!! 😘❤️

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