First Day Home Alone with All Three of my Babes….


How can I be so nervous for this day? I guess it’s because I am wildly outnumbered and these babes are ALL MINE. I’ve had help since day one from my mom and my mother-in-law. Here I am today though – all by myself. I guess it’s liberating and it’s definitely time for me to GET TO IT; rip that bandaid OFF! Stop worrying about it and just live this life my husband and I have created! Although this wasn’t all in our plans, we are making it WORK. My clients have changed and my outlook on life sure is rosier! Everything is different and some of my friends have disappeared temporarily! I take it all in stride and I welcome summer with open arms and I just wanted to share my morning jaunt to the backyard with Mattelyn (my two year old daughter). We watered flowers for the 17 minutes I allowed us to be outside while the boys took their usual 50 minute morning nap. I decided to separate them this morning and keep Maxton upstairs and Carson downstairs.


We moved in here last July so I haven’t seen the flowers that bloom in the backyard in the spring. This has been fun to witness! There is a ton I plan to change and do, but for now, I am enjoying what the previous owner planted! My mom and I planted a “Salsa Garden” for Mattelyn this year. Tomatoes, jalapenos, green onions and cilantro. I can’t have a large garden because I don’t have time!


All of these were shot with my Canon 70D with my Sigma 35 lens 100ISO @ f/1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 SS varying between 160-350 (they are all a bit overexposed because I preset my camera settings due to moving quickly and I didn’t check my shots).

Flowers-9802Flowers-9812 Flowers-9808 Flowers-9809 Flowers-9811




Flowers-9830 Flowers-9841 Flowers-9852

Here’s to a REALLY good day (I HOPE!!!)

How was your first day home alone with your new babies? What was the most challenging? Any hints for me?

XO ~ Stephanie

6 thoughts on “First Day Home Alone with All Three of my Babes….

  1. I never got help, my mom passed away 10 years ago from cancer and my sisters are very far away, so I was alone with my babies from Day 1, that’s why I was very determined to keep them on a schedule, in the first few months it was hard but when they were 4.5 months they started to sleep through the night from 6 pm to 6 am which is great, they are now 8 months and they sleep 2 2 hours naps a day and all night… I highly recommend to keep them on a daily routine it will help you a lot and you will be able to spend time with your 2 year old as I too have a 2 year old girl… All the best and enjoy them!

    • I LOVE READING THIS!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. It gives me great hope and also makes me realize just how blessed I am. Would love to see photos of your little twins!! Hope your day is great. XO

  2. I want a 70D soooo bad….but not in the budget right now 😦 I am checking out a t5i…which is very similar to my t2i but with a few extra perks. I am hoping next year to advance to a full frame camera! Flowers, nature in general, are probably my favorite thing to photograph 🙂

    • Oh In love with my 70D! Definitely wish I had a full frame too. I plan to upgrade to a full frame soon. This was a Christmas present from hubby (he did good!! 😊) but really want that full frame. The 70D is especially wonderful for capturing high def video which we wanted for the twins as infants and moving forward of course. So happy you shared! I started on a T3i in 2010. Flowers and babies are my favorites of course to shoot as well! Good to hear from you! XO

  3. I should correct myself…I thought the 70D was a full frame but it is the 7D. I actually just figured out recently how to take video on my t2i. lol I don’t do a lot of video so I didn’t look into that part of the camera. But with this new and the flip out screen…I might start shooting more video.

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