Quick Post! How To Get Your Toddler to Devour Veggies… 

QUICK POST! (Is there such a thing in the world of blogging?? I’m positive there is. And there is probably some cutesy term for it I’m not yet aware of). I don’t have a lot of time lately to blog about everything I want to, but this is something I think of sharing daily and never have time to. So here it is, quick and simple (which is difficult for me)!


More than my love of fresh vegetables, I love watching my toddler devour a serving of vegetables! I also love FRESH FROZEN vegetables. Sounds like a dichotomy, right? How can you have fresh frozen veggies?? (Okay, okay – I have to say it up front – I am not commissioned to say this nor have I been asked – I just can’t express enough HOW MUCH I LOVE SCHWAN’S DELICIOUS FOOD and want to share! I really get behind products, services and establishments that I love and I have to rave about it to everyone I know! When I learn something really helpful or cool, I have to pass it on to all of my friends and family). I also love their amazing delivery service. And the CONVENIENCE. It’s actually more than their delicious food. It’s the QUALITY of their vegetables and the way they are packaged that I simply ADORE as a mommy cooking small amounts of veggies at a time, multiple times daily.

  They immediately FLASH FREEZE FRESH vegetables (and fruits) and it is apparent!

Never freezer burned or over cooked from the start. Your toddler will get the honest bold, fresh, wonderful flavor that fresh veggies have to offer. This is brilliant if you ask me. Serving veggies that actually TASTE GOOD provides them with a lifetime love of yummy veggies. Serving sub-par or overcooked frozen vegetables can be the worst. Soggy, over cooked (fill in the blank) is just GROSS and can actually turn a baby off for a long time. Broccoli florets, sweet corn, peas, green beans (best ever!), ears of corn, edamame, asparagus spears, carrots, brussel sprouts are all in economy sized bags (2lb bags!) frozen with a re-closeable top for around $5.50!

The zipper makes it incredibly easy to get out just the right portion per meal and the bag remains fresh for months.
And, I appreciate a delicious, fresh tasting veggie and so does my two year old. The convenience is amazing, the flavor is spot on, it always tastes super fresh and never frozen. The Schwans delivery service is superb and just what I need. The same dependable friendly driver EVERY WEEK. He knows me, my dog, knows my kids, knows my mom, knows to knock quietly and is always patient. (I can even text and tell him to come a little later). I pre-order online the night before or week before (and earn rewards points) and he arrives at my set delivery time every two weeks with my delivery. I can pre-pay and just sign when he gets there. It seriously can’t be beat as a stay at home mom.

The next can’t live without piece of the formula for delicious fresh veggies your toddler will love to devour?? A mini steamer made by Infantino, called the “Steam and Smush” – I LOVE THIS and use it three or four times daily! This little guy cooks frozen or fresh, one to three servings, by steaming perfectly every time. I just love it. LOVE IT. This is actually something I purchased to make my daughter fresh baby food with and I have continued using it (without the musher).


The Infantino

Infantino “Steam and Smush”

Steamed vegetables are the best for getting nutrients directly when consumed. Steaming preserves all of the fresh taste and vitamins. Vitamins B and C are water soluble and lost during boiling. (60% of nutrients are lost to boiling while only 7% are lost when steaming, read more here about steaming veggies for making organic baby food in my blog). Have you ever tried to cook just a small amount of fresh or frozen veggies in the microwave? They burn almost instantly and taste terrible. This cooks the portion perfectly every time in my experience.

When I was a little one, my mom had an in-home child care center – not just drop kids off and let them watch TV while she did laundry and talked on the phone – no, my mom was a bonafide, certified child care provider, member of the home day care center network, the Food Program, Nutrition for Children, taught early learning and development, took babies and children on educational field trips and was just an all around amazing provider. She was my first introduction to proper nutrition, eating right, GOOD FOOD (she’s the best cook) and guess what? She always ordered vegetables from “The Schwans Man!” I recall delivery day VIVIDLY. I love every vegetable in the book. With the exception of olives. (Are they a vegetable really anyway or a nut???) I appreciate everything my mom has given me and taught me. This is one example of the thousands she set that I continue to follow!

So that’s my quick post. I haven’t written one before and I have many more to follow! I am interested in what YOU thought! How do you get your toddlers to eat veggies? How do you encourage a love of healthy foods with your babies? I want to share!

XO ~ Stephanie


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