Baseball Flip Flops 

Sometimes I run across something on Pinterest that just catches my eye and I decide I have to try it! Lately I haven’t had any time with the arrival of the twins. In November I crocheted them newborn beanies before they were born. I also crocheted a crib blanket. I make creative photo books and I love to make a delicious sounding new recipe for my always appreciative husband. I have an Etsy site and sew car seat canopies and changing pads for babies. I love the creative outlet – it makes me feel alive and happy – simple, right? Once summer arrives I spend my creative time on my flowers and garden outside. But time hasn’t been my friend these past couple months. 😊😁 With summer quickly approaching, these baseball flip flops caught my eye and I thought immediately of one of my best girlfriends (that lives 845 miles from me)! I miss her all the time and thought what a great little token gift I could make her. She literally lives at the baseball field (or is it baseball diamond???) this time of the year and loves it. With two young boys that are wildly talented in the sport and a husband that coaches, she is the ultimate BOY MOM and baseball flip flops just seemed so perfect and fun!!! So I set out to make them (it only took me two months to complete them). But it felt good! (It would take anyone with a normal life a couple hours, tops). I decided to share this cute project with my followers. Who knows how many of you might just think these are adorable too. I am definitely keeping this idea in my back pocket for my near future! I am already a proud BOY MOM and look forward to anything they are interested in and I would be willing to bet “sports” will be top of the list. To begin – I followed a YouTube video posted by KidPrep. It was really easy to follow and I like her style.

1. Purchase two-pack Rawlings baseballs ($10), a pair of flip flops from Old Navy ($5), some jewels from your local fabric store ($6), E6000 industrial strength adhesive ($6) and grab your Xacto knife. Total cost: $27

2.  Slice your ball in half one direction and then in half the other direction (like peeling an orange) and peel both your balls.

3. Fold each one of these in half and use scizzors to cut each one.

4. Take a kitchen spoon and trace the back of each piece you cut. Then trim edges to create your flower petals.

5. Arrange your petals in the shape of the flower you are creating.

6. Grab your E6000 industrial strength adhesive and begin to glue the petals together from the back of the flower.

7.  This is a messy job!! But stick with it and it does eventually hold. The E6000 is industrial strength but it is really cool because it dries completely overnight and the next day is soft and pliable but really secure. I love this stuff!!

8.  Once they’re dried, take a jewel and more E6000 to finish the look.

9.  With the jewel in the center, these are complete and CUTE!!!

10. Time to affix with adhesive to the flip flops, allow to dry, and there you have them! Super cute and fairly easy to make!!!

Send them off with love to your bestie and hope she enjoys!! (Or keep them and wear them yourself!!) Here’s to a much needed summer soon!!

XO ~ Stephanie

2 thoughts on “Baseball Flip Flops 

  1. Adorable! I’m sure she will love them. I may have to try this for Torri (another proud BOY MOM in my life!).
    Cute! Cute!

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