Potty Training: A Message to My Daughter


 Oh my sweet baby girl,

The craziness has abound.

The past four months are a blur, 

You’ve got one foot on the ground.

Arms still wrapped tight,

Around your night-night

The release is near,

But you can’t let go.

Still holding on as the baby,

Yet already such a little lady.

Can’t turn back now,

You’re quite the quick learner.

Can’t throw in the towel,

A natural born leader.

You’ve figured it out,

A smart one with a pout.

To give in means we win,

So you wait with a grin. 

It’s all up to you now,

We know you know how.

Mommy’s so proud of you,

My sweet little angel.

You’re ready for flight.

Take the leap for I’ve got you, 

For the rest of your life.

It’s okay right now,

We’ll figure it out.

Keep being you,

Charming, stubborn and sweet.

Time soon will tell,

And when it does,

You’ll feel quite the surprise, 

To this I am wise.

I love you, Mattelyn.

Mommy’s waiting.

XO ~ mama  

3 thoughts on “Potty Training: A Message to My Daughter

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