Clients These Days…


WOW. Two of my clients I like to say are “persnickety,” to say the least. I have had one client for only four months. They are your typical client – demanding, irrational, time-consuming, costly, fussy and driven by an insatiable desire to GROW. In order to take their growth to the next level, we really concentrated on HOW we would collectively achieve this from the get-go. Through careful and strategic planning, we looked at environmental cues and geographic locales to predict the right spot to facilitate their growth. Then we eliminated anything that would stand in the way of positive growth, such as antiquated procedures or allowing them (the client) to take the lead. With access to many sources online and through third-party blogs and groups, our research was as thorough and on-point as it could be. We knew we had all of the tools and know-how necessary to achieve greatness. Our case studies were tried and true and as real as can be; we had firsthand access to thousands of examples. We made sure we had all parties involved on the same page sharing the same POV, (point of view). Once the strategic plan was in place, and we had client sign off, it was time to implement for a year that would allow exponential growth; potentially three times the size they are today.


After only four months, they still can’t communicate well. Every single day is met with a laundry list of wants and demands, all of which can’t be articulated, but we have to figure it out immediately or we hear about it. (And one of them can be VERY over the top when it comes to letting us know their level of discontent, screaming and turning red in the face, sometimes twice a day). On top of that, they haven’t been able to stick to the plan AT ALL. Negotiating with them is IMPOSSIBLE and just like with any and all clients, they always get their way. (After all, a client is always right).


In the past few weeks, we have had to *tweak* our creative direction when it came to remaining truly inspired and on track. They are hard to please and demand a particular level of involvement with every aspect of their growth. They have thrown all of our research out the window as though they don’t care at all about what’s worked well in the past. It’s exhausting 24 hour work and they seem to care only when it’s convenient for them. They sleep on the job all the time, they come and go as they please. They complain about EVERYTHING. And it’s as though they expect an impeccable job on our part when they can’t even follow the schedule and refuse to maintain any sort of routine that might allow us to achieve our goals sooner. Regardless of their inability to communicate, we still seem to be making progress. One day at a time.

Stuffed.AnimalsMy children have proven to be my most difficult clients I’ve ever had, making this the most difficult job I’ve ever had. Without naming names of any of the large, multi-million dollar clients I have served in my years as an Advertising Account Executive, they are very similar. They can’t articulate what is wrong and I am constantly guessing what they want and whether I’m doing something right. It’s a very crazy situation to be in! One that we all as parents have been in or are currently in. I find it interesting how this really puts things into perspective. Every decision I made before impacted a business. Every decision I make now impacts a LIFE. I went to a four year college and received a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a double minor in Advertising and Marketing in order to do my job as an Advertising Executive. I had on the job training, internships and externships before I even landed my first job. I began as a junior account person and worked my way up over the years. I needed an impressive resume and someone had to deem me a fit for the positions I was hired for. With parenting, one day I had a newborn and had about 10 months to plan for everything I needed to know, and no one was there to ask me if I had done that or not. No one interviewed me to make sure I was up to the challenge, no one made sure I knew what I was doing or checked to make sure three people that know me well agreed I should be given this job. No one asked me to do research so I knew how to do this new job or to speak to other mothers in a similar position so I had firsthand knowledge. There are no required classes on “the basics,” there are no prerequisites. Then, I was promoted to a parent of three children all under the age of two within a year. WOW. I have such an appreciation now for the hard work my mom and dad did having my brother and I in their early 20s. No way could I have done that (or wanted to. I was far too immature and SELFISH. And selfish is not something you can be to raise children). I have such an appreciation for all of my friends and family that choose parenthood. God bless you all and enjoy this hard but extremely rewarding job we’ve been given. I find it difficult to imagine or to think about all of the ill-equipped people raising babies, (or people blessed with babies that don’t want them), because it’s such a difficult thing to do – emotionally, physically, psychologically, socially, etc. Keep doing what your doing and trusting your God-given instincts. And always remember what your momma taught you. After all, she is your first teacher in life and the one you gained all knowledge rightfully so from.

mybrownbaercubSo with an eye blinded by the purest and most true unconditional love there is, and with a fierce confidence, I take my open heart, best intentions, all of my hopes and dreams, life lessons, basic intuition, street smarts, book knowledge and the ability to be the best that I can be for my children, with me everyday to raise my babies. I would love to know how you feel! Please drop a comment and please follow my blog! I am so close to 1,000 followers that share in so much of the same things I do in this life.

XO ~ Stephanie


3 thoughts on “Clients These Days…

  1. You are doing an amazing job, Stephanie! Raising little people is definitely the most difficult job but also the most rewarding. This is so well written! Love reading your blog entries 🙂

  2. For all those that don’t believe being a SAHM is a “job” or at the very least very hard work, should read this! Very well said! Of course this applies to all parents but so many believe that the SAHM sits around eating bon bons and watching soaps, including a lot of the SAHM’s significant other (thankfully not mine). And we have what is arguably the most important job there is. 😊

  3. It took just a little while to figure out your clients!! Very clever!! Love your post! Yes there should be an instruction booklet when the baby is first conceived!! That would help many!! However it should be not only a book but a video and an audio book so you can listen to the contents if you aren’t an avid reader or don’t have the time to sit and read.
    Keep up the interesting writing and the wonderful job of motherhood!! You are the best at whatever you tackle!! Love you daughter. mom

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