Capturing Fleeting Moments in a Lifestyle Photo Shoot


“The days are so long but the years are so short.”

Just ask any mother or father. But especially a mom or dad of multiples! The days are SO LONG but geez, in a blink of the eye, my newborn twin sons are 3 months old. I scheduled a lifestyle photo shoot with one of the most lovely photographers I’ve ever met, Stephanie Kelley of Stephanie Kelley Photography here in Chicago. (Click Here to view our gallery on her blog). I HESITATED because our life is CHAOS right now and inviting someone into your home to not only WITNESS the chaos, but to be part of it for a morning and to CAPTURE it as well, I guess you can say sounds like a terrible idea. But it was one of THE BEST IDEAS I’ve ever followed through with no matter how many I times I felt like calling her and saying, there is just NO WAY I can possibly make this work! But these fleeting moments are just those – gone in the blink of an eye. This time period, the first year, with twin boys and a toddler and live-in grandparents will be here and GONE. And that time won’t ever be mine to have again when I feel like I’m not as tired or can handle it better. No, it’s here and it’s NOW. I knew that I wanted to have a view of this life to look back on because right now, in the midst of it all, things are happening and it is just surreal. Time is flying by and life is happening and I’m just SURVIVING, THRIVING, I’m not LIVING in the moment. I want to see later in my life that I WAS THERE and I was enjoying myself. And everything was just fine and we were making it work. And so, I wanted to share with my followers the BEAUTIFUL, can’t-say-enough wonderful things about, gallery of photos this fabulous photographer gifted us. Her innate ability to connect and pull through the very essence of our lives right now from behind the lens is magnificent. Not only that, but she surprised my husband and I with a lovely (and truly touching) tribute to our session on her photography blog. I can’t wait to receive the photo gallery from her and I would love to tell each of you if you ever are on the fence as to whether you should try a lifestyle shoot and forgo the studio and pay the little extra to have someone come to your house to shoot, take a look at this and you will see exactly why it’s the BEST idea for capturing a moment in time. Especially the tender moments with babies and a toddler. (And maybe with a reluctant husband as well!)


I also have to share what my dear father said when he looked through the gallery of photos Stephanie Kelley shot,

“Stephanie Kelley unquestionably has an amazing gift in her photography skills. It is a mystery to me how she is able to evoke what would seem to be looks into her subject’s very soul. I could not help but think so many of the photos of the babies beautiful faces seemed to convey a maturity far beyond their youth. Extremely moving and evocative. Absolute genius on both sides of the lens! God bless my beautiful daughter and her precious, precious family! How fortunate I am to have lived to meet your babies!”

I wholeheartedly agree with my dad. Her work is magnificent. Part of why I am in awe of her is her persevering in spite of the challenges she faces with MS. (Read about Multiple Sclerosis here and find ways to support finding a cure like I do). I find it simply astounding that she looks adversity in the eye and fulfills her love of photography (and making people genuinely happy) and provides her clients with these delicious moments in time with so much ambition and attention to detail when it is so hard on her physically to do each shoot she does. She really truly cares about her clients and who they are and helps each of us to capture (and write) our own story – the story that is our life.

BrownFamily_0045 BrownFamily_0025

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