This Pressure Cooker is About to Explode!

35 Weeks Pregnant Twins Profile Shot FINAL

35 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


It is no joke over here now at 35 weeks pregnant with twins. My last appointment was an ultra sound, non-stress test and my regular OB appointment (3 full hours plus I walked the length of the hospital, TWICE). Believe it or not, in the last three weeks, Baby B (who was breech) completely FLIPPED and is now head down, side-by-side with Baby A, who is also head down. (And yes, I know EXACTLY when he did that Saturday morning!! OUCH.) The ultra sound technician said it is difficult for a singleton at this point in a pregnancy to do a flip with a lack of room in the womb, let alone with a “womb-mate” taking over half the space!

This is what they look like right now if you could see inside my womb. This illustration is from Baby Center.

This is what they look like right now if you could see inside my womb. This illustration is from Baby Center.

I liked this illustration as well of twins in the womb at 35 weeks. This is from WebMD (

I liked this illustration as well of twins in the womb at 35 weeks. This is from WebMD .

My lower abdominal area is so uncomfortable and just plain HURTS all the time – bending over to pick up after Mattelyn is a joke, but she’s not even two yet, so it’s a reality. They have both dropped and I can’t even close my legs. The pressure in my hips is so great that walking hurts.

Think riding a bicycle for two days straight, then falling asleep for an hour without stretching, then waking up, stiff and sore, and walking immediately up a flight of stairs – that’s how it feels ALL THE TIME now between my legs and throughout my hips, thighs and calves.

And my stomach is SO SORE. It’s a new level of sore! Like, don’t even brush up against me sore. On a positive note – these two babies have each surpassed the 5 pound mark! Yippee!! We couldn’t be happier or feel more BLESSED. Twin A is 5.7lbs and Twin B is 5.2lbs. I am now measuring 55 weeks pregnant. The ultra sound looks EXACTLY like two peas in a pod – literally!

35 weeks and 1 day Ultra Sound - don't they look exactly like two peas in a pod?? So cute.

35 weeks and 1 day Ultra Sound – don’t they look exactly like two peas in a pod?? So cute.

When I lay down to sleep at night, I think my hips are spreading even more because I am so sore that I have to roll over to prevent throbbing any further. And every time I roll over, it is a HUGE production, causes contractions and makes it so I can’t breathe. Everywhere I go, I hear people GASP when they see me walk in. At a local store by our house picking up more yarn (keeping busy making crib afghans for their arrival), the store manager actually approached me to let me know she didn’t think it was safe for me to be there with my toddler daughter, by myself (who did she think was supposed to be there with me? My mom? My husband?) She was concerned for my safety and felt she would be responsible if something happened. Um, something like what? My water breaking? Or, did she think the babies were just suddenly going to fall out right there on her sales floor?? Either way, it’s likely she actually increased my blood pressure a bit and did me no good as I tried to calmly tell her I was just fine and actually still had at least three weeks to go, all the while feeling my face flushing red with heat and suddenly having a contraction and really, really needing to go to the bathroom. Geez! Just don’t bring it up, okay?? Her face was enough to make me stop shopping and just buy the yarn I needed.

My emotions are seriously being affected by my out-of-control level of hormones right now and everything is making me feel over-the-top. From driving and being nervous something is going to happen, to anything sad that I see or read on Face Book, to every tear that my 20 month old daughter sheds, to thinking about a friend I haven’t seen or heard from almost my whole pregnancy, to a happy experience I didn’t think I was going to get to have, to finding out the babies are doing just fine – all of the above make me so sad (and emotional) or really happy (and emotional) – either way, I cry and always try to keep it from Mattelyn. It’s making my typical “can-do,” happy attitude waiver. Oddly enough, I feel this pregnancy has been very isolating – maybe because it’s my second pregnancy. Anyone else have that experience with their second pregnancy? It’s like the usual people don’t check in and the ones that were really excited about your first, figure you have it covered now – you’ve been there and done this before. Pregnancy is a difficult time in life – it’s wonderful and exciting but since everything is changing in your body and your hormones are on overdrive, it’s also very TRYING and can be very isolating. There is so much you’re limited to doing and NOT doing it makes it difficult to just “fit in.” You find yourself now not only with a toddler, but also pregnant. Baby on the way. Tied down. No reason to call. So I value what I do get from those I get it from! Ha!

And I just would like to say, to every friend and family member that I wasn’t there for and didn’t think to call until the babies arrived, I AM SORRY! I totally get it now! And karma is a bitch!

I am happy it’s almost over because all that I can savor from this being my last and final pregnancy, I HAVE SAVORED! Time to get these babies here and celebrate their health!

Overall, I shouldn’t be complaining because I have had a BLESSED and AMAZING twin pregnancy and I am very, very lucky. As you all know that follow my blog, I write to speak to those that have felt or are feeling the way I am right now. Or, perhaps, are just finding out that this journey in my life is mirroring their journey that is just beginning! Either way, I share my feelings and emotions and what is going on so that you know what to look forward to and to know it doesn’t last forever! And, to share your experiences with me – I LOVE hearing from you!

These are the little crib afghans I made for them. I can’t wait to use them for newborn photos! I am such a perfectionist, that I actually took all of the stitches out and had to start over because I didn’t like the way one looked the first time. And I work on these after I put my daughter down for the night, before I head to bed – so there isn’t a lot of time! But it keeps my mind busy and I love making things I know they can use. It will keep their little feet and hands all snuggly and I love thinking of that!! Makes my heart happy.

Twins afghans

Twins afghans

Twins Afghans closeup of mybrownbaercub tags

Twins Afghans closeup of mybrownbaercub tags

Next to on the to do list!! (It’s laughable, still!)

  • Buy a diaper bag
  • Finish washing clothes for the babies hospital bag
  • Complete the receiving blankets I am making
  • Install car seats in the van

 It’s OFFICIAL! Cesarean Section is set for December 4th, 2014!!!!!!! Two weeks to go!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “This Pressure Cooker is About to Explode!

  1. Love your blog! I have a 2 1/2 little boy and I am pregnant with identical twin girls…..I am 32 weeks!! We have a lot in common! Good luck with everything!

    • Thank you so much!! Do you have a blog to follow? I love reading about other twin momma’s sxperiences. Good lucl woth everything and if you ever have a question, look me up!! I home now with my one week old twin boys. 💙💙

  2. i totally understand everything you are saying! I am currently 37 weeks with twins and scheduled to have our twin girls tomorrow Dec 2nd! Wish you all the best and enjoy those bundles of joy!!

    • Oh my goodness!! Congratulations on making it this far, mama!! I am so happy for you and I LOVE hearing from other moms! Please post a photo and i want to know how it goes. You are now my inspiration!!!! Much love and lucl to you!! XO

      • Hello Dear! Hope all is going well for you! We are all doing fine my girls came in at 4#11oz 18in and 6# even and 19in! All healthy and well!! Thinking of you today!! If they offer pain meds take them to keep control of the pain! It’s not bad but with meds its a lot easier to move around and be with your family!!

  3. Good luck with the last few days! I’m 20weeks pregnant with a twin boy and girl, and a two and a half year old boy at home! Can so relate! Good luck!

    • I love hearing from other momma’s in the same boat right now! I hope my blog is fun for you. Good luck and I am so happy for you blessed with a boy and a girl!! Would love to hear back from you with updates!! Everyone’s individual stories and experiences are so unique and interesting!

  4. First of all I love the title of this post! I can totally relate…I was induced at 38 weeks and 2 days. My twins (a boy and a girl) weighed 7lbs 3oz and 6lbs 1oz and this pressure cooker was definitely about to explode. By now your babies are one day old and I wish you and yours the best. Get ready its going to be a wild ride!

  5. I LOVED reading this post, even though I am no where near the end of my twin pregnancy (10 wks) it is nice to know I am not the only one going through this with a 2 yr old little girl at home. You are an INSPIRATION .. you just gave me the kick in the ass I’ve been needing, emotionally! Thank you!

    • Oh so wonderful to hear!! I am wishing you ALL THE BEST! If you ever need anything drop me a note! Seriously, I went blindly into so much. I hope you enjoy reading about my twin pregnancy although I really only wrote toward the end. We were moving and things were really hectic. We are soooo blessed to be given twins – it is a ton of work but a true MIRACLE when they are in your arms. Never forget – you are doing the hardest thing physically you will ever do in life – grow two babies at once in your body. Enjoy! XOXO

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