The Twin’s Nursery – An Inspiration Board

Twin Nursery Inspiration Board

Twin Nursery Inspiration Board

As I promised during Week #33 of my pregnancy, here is the Twin Nursery Inspiration Board I put together. It is just a “visual wish-list” if you will for the time being. I created a few boards on Pinterest that allowed me to begin collecting different inspirational rooms and ideas for projects, color palettes, etc. I have also collected a few things here at the house that I think are really perfect to go in their room. Now, I need to order everything and PUT IT ALL TOGETHER!!

I created this inspiration board so that I can begin to visualize how I want to set things up in their room. You will recall from my last post, this is the condition the room was in when we moved here this July 1st, 2014. Just to share, the before, during and after so you see the clean slate I am working with now.

The nursery when we moved in the first week in July.

The nursery when we moved in the first week in July.

During the renovation.

During the renovation.

The Twins Nursery now that it's painted and has new carpet.

The Twins Nursery now that it’s painted and has new carpet.

Halloween Princess Mattelyn 2014 2

These photos don’t reflect the new entryway door or the new window treatments yet. I will post them in my next installment.

I had the most difficult time with the artwork. It seems like everything is a pre-designed nursery “theme” that I just couldn’t get into – too baby, too stuffed animal, too feminine, too abstract, too…you name it. So I designed my own artwork and will share that HERE once I have the collection completed (excited about seeing the final printed on canvas!) I also have three or four projects I included on my Inspiration Board that I found on other blogger’s sites and on Pinterest. If I follow through with them, I will post my final outcome photos along with links to the blogs I pulled the ideas from! (I plan to do it if I don’t run out of time before my babies arrive).

The main colors on Pinterest and in Google Searches that I conducted of about 200+ nurseries for little boys included A LOT of grays, yellows, turquoise and white. And, the “nautical theme” seems very prevalent with the chevron print in EVERYTHING. I am going with a color palette of red, white, khaki/ecru, gray, navy blue and brushed nickel, reflected here in the inspiration board.

The furniture we chose is an espresso color. It is the Vista Elite Collection by Sorelle Furniture and we purchased it from Babies R Us.

The walls in their nursery are painted “Oyster Bar” by Sherwin Williams with white trim and the new carpeting is a light silver gray. (The theme within our house is the beige-gray that is very popular right now). This is by far the “warmest” of the rooms we have decorated to date. The closet doors and trim are all painted a bright glossy white (which I love!) As a side note, Did you know? For $95, you can go to a Sherwin Williams when you move into a new home and they will consult with you for two hours on popular color palettes for your entire home and provide you with excellent direction, a print out of the color choices you decide on and a $50 gift card to go towards the purchase of your paint? I am sharing because it was very overwhelming moving into our home and the thought of determining all of the colors for the house was DAUNTING with everything else we had going on at the same time. (Hint: four months pregnant with twins, a 15 month old toddler, selling our old house and moving into a house that needed A LOT of work all in the heat of Chicago summer…)

The new window treatments are through Home Depot and are their faux white wood 2-1/2″ blinds that we simply adore.

2-1/2" Faux Wood Blinds from Home Depot

2-1/2″ Faux Wood Blinds from Home Depot

Did you know? Home Depot will come into your home for $115 and measure every window in your house and apply that cost towards the window treatments you decide on? We weren’t aware of that until we moved into our home here and did pricing with some other popular Chicagoland window treatment companies. They were really good and their partner company comes out, measures, coordinates with your Home Depot, and does the install. All for about half the price of other places we had quote.

Once I have the rest of the accessories in the room nailed down and ordered, I will take pics of the room decorated and blog about the final nursery design and where we purchased everything!

Slowly but surely things are coming together! I hope perhaps you can gain some inspiration from this inspiration board I created. I would love to hear ideas that are similar to mine that you may have. Also, anything you would add or take away! I love hearing from you.

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