32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

I journal about my pregnancy experiences mainly through photos and updates via photostreams with my mom. Each time I have an appointment, I take “notes” in my Evernote App on my phone and I send my mom and my mother-in-law a brief update. There are a lot of things I always update: heartbeats, weight, developmental milestones, any new information the doctor has made us aware of and next appointment dates. Also I take note of my blood pressure and heart rate along with any tests I have coming up.

Naturally, I always learn new things at each appointment. And, leading up to my appointments, I become a big bundle of nerves (along with clumsy, irritated, nauseous and anxious) and my dreams get really odd!! When I get home from each appointment, I collapse in a chair and try not to fall asleep as Mattelyn climbs all over me, happy to be home and no longer at the doctor’s office. I am completely drained from the emotional and physical roller coaster each one is. You would think after being pregnant with Mattelyn and having carried her to full-term, (exactly one day prior to her due date), this pregnancy would be very similar and a piece of cake. But it has been so very different.

Why do I get this way before each appointment?? 

1. I am considered “high-risk” with this pregnancy because I am AMA (advanced maternal age, (sexy, right?? Anyone over the age of 33 and pregnant is considered AMA). So we are at a higher risk for miscarriage, premature labor, birth defects, etc. Although we have had all of the genetic testing done and everything is fine, it remains in the back of mind.

2. I am carrying twins and rarely do twin pregnancies make it to full-term (or 38 weeks) before they arrive. My due date is December 24, 2014. Each time I go to the doctor, they tell me a new “expected” due date. My goal is to make it to 38 weeks. But let’s be perfectly HONEST – I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and have a small frame. The pressure is building carrying around these blessings and once the pressure becomes too much, like a turkey, my timer will pop. This is a life-size illustration of a 32 week fetus in the womb…I have two…

10.30.14 32 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Pic in Book

32 Week Fetus in Womb – actual size from the book “The Pregnant Body.”

As of yesterday, Twin A (the “presenting twin” or the one closest to my cervix) is 4lbs 3oz and Twin B is 3lbs15 oz. I am measuring 41 weeks pregnant. (They are within 7% in size of each other which is really good for twins). This means I am basically carrying a full-term, 8lbs-sized newborn with all of the fluids that accompany and I have (hopefully) 6 weeks left. If they continue growing at this rate, we will have healthy 6lbs babies in 6 weeks. They are positioned the way they will remain now. Twin A is Vertex, head and face down and Twin B is Breech. They are fraternal twins and have their own “condos” – they each have their own amniotic sac). And I still have plenty of amniotic fluid for both of them. And my cervix is still closed tight, surprisingly to the ultra sound technician. They do not want any sign of premature labor or to find out I am dilating at all.

Twin B is Breech and Twin A is Vertex just like this Illustration.

Twin B is Breech and Twin A is Vertex just like this Illustration.

3. Everyone I have talked to that has been pregnant with twins or knows someone pregnant with twins has told me their birth story – there are entire Websites dedicated to these stories. They RARELY ever say, “I carried until my scheduled c-section.” Actually, they ALL have said they went into labor naturally before their scheduled C-section. The most common comment has been, “Congratulations! You have made it to the # of weeks I was when I went into labor – good for you!” This makes me nervous for several reasons. One, I have been told going into labor with twins is a whole different ballpark – there is no question you are in labor and it’s immediately intense – Braxton Hicks contractions are constant and can be confused with premature labor. However, with twins, the Braxton Hicks have been so much more prevalent and early on that I am used to them daily. Apparently, there is no question when you are in labor with twins! Second, I do not have help at home during the day with Mattelyn and since we moved, we are about a 45 minute drive away from the hospital. I know I will be fine and I can handle the pressure, I am positive. HOWEVER, it still is lurking in the back of my mind and adds to my stress!

4. I have SO MUCH LEFT TO DO! I know, these are NORMAL feelings and I am working on my big to do list list that I shared with you all a couple weeks ago, slowly but surely! We did purchase the two car seats and the stroller. Now we just need to get them installed in the car. We really liked Mattelyn’s City Mini by Baby Jogger. This is their City Select stroller, the only stroller that is a double that fits two car seats at the same time. Most of the strollers that have double seating only allow for one car seat at a time as an attachment. This is one of the most versatile strollers on the market today. Plus, it is about HALF the cost of the others we had been looking at. We also purchased the boogie-board ride along for Mattelyn as she will be 21 months old when the twins are born. She is rambunctious and can listen well, but is independent and often chooses not to!

Halloween 2014 Mattelyn Butterfly 1

We finally made a decision on the car seats and stroller.

Halloween 2014 Mattelyn Butterfly 2

This is the stroller we chose. We also purchased a ride-along boogie board for Mattelyn as she will only be 21 months old when they arrive.

5. We are VERY BLESSED because they are doing really well!! And thankfully, so am I. I need to gain more weight (17 lbs so far and the doctor wants 40lbs total by 38 weeks – she said I will likely hit 25lbs). I am working on that. I am supposed to eat over 100g of protein a day. I find 40g normally difficult! And now that my stomach is non-existent, digesting is IMPOSSIBLE. But I am drinking Ensure nutrition shakes now to supplement, (doctor’s recommendation). Because I have gestational diabetes, I am watching my sugars which is challenging to try to gain weight without eating crappy. Ha! My issue with blood sugar is only over night – I do not have to use insulin throughout the day to regulate my blood sugar. It is only when my body is fasting.

6. I am working on the nursery and hope to have a nursery inspiration board to share with you all soon!! That is the FUN part of this and keeps my mind daydreaming about our new bundles of joy between the worrying. I am looking into room darkening blinds right now, there are three windows to cover. I think about how far the room has come just since moving in the first of July this year – a new entryway door installed, new carpeting, closet doors repainted, the room walls and ceiling repainted, new screens for the windows, all new window blinds. We have done A LOT, but now the fun part begins. We have the furniture which was a BIG DECISION that we finally made and it was delivered a week ago. This is a picture of the room we decided to make the nursery before we worked on it:

The nursery when we moved in the first week in July.

The nursery when we moved in the first week in July.

And this is the nursery now:

Halloween Princess Mattelyn 2014 2

The nursery with walls repaired and painted, ceiling, closets, closet doors and trim repainted, new carpeting, new screens and new window blinds.

Halloween Princess Mattelyn 2014 3

These are three windows that I want to get room darkening blinds for.

All-in-all, this has been a challenging pregnancy with our big move from our old house when I was almost 4 months pregnant in July, morning sickness all day long, every day until 24 weeks, the worry about birth defects, miscarrying, premature labor…you name it, I have been praying every single day for the 200+ days I have been pregnant that they are doing okay and that I will make it to 38 weeks. We are in the final weeks and I have to say, I am feeling nervous but also THRILLED that I have made it to this point! AND SO VERY BLESSED!!!!

This is Mattelyn dressed up a little bit for our appointments yesterday, the day before Halloween – we see so many nurses and doctors and ultra sound techs, etc., and they all know and love her, at the hospital which I am also thankful for. She’s been SUCH a trooper through all of this. And my husband has been working from home to help me with Mattelyn during these appointments because we don’t have anyone here watching her.

Mattelyn 19 months

Mattelyn 19 months

And this is our little family of three the end of September about to become a family of five! Still hard to believe in 6 weeks!

 Fall Family Pic 2014

Fall Family Pic End of September 2014

Thanks for reading and following my blog!! I love hearing your feedback, your experiences and knowing if you can relate. This is such an exciting yet scary time in my life and I am happy to have this beautiful outlet to share!

~ XO Stephanie

One thought on “32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

  1. Time is really closing in on the wonderful day the boys will arrive!! What a day that will be! Remembering back the day Mattelyn was born what a Wacky Wednesday that turned out. With such precious memories. I had never been a Grandma before, although taking care of other families babies and grand babies for 31 years, just seemed I didn’t really have the drive that so many grandparents have to be a grandma. Well, I found out the grand-parenting as the actual grandparent was a whole different ball park!! Now all the things I would have loved to have had time to do with my two, I now have the time to do with my grand baby!! How wonderful and blessed I feel!! Even Grandpa Loves being Grandpa! Now to be able to share that extra time and Love between three will be a challenge but one I am looking forward to facing with wide open arms and heart!! Love you Steph, Forever and Always! XOXO Mom

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