Cool Moisture, Warm Mist or Ultrasonic?

When you register for your baby shower, let’s be honest, you and your partner are the blind leading the blind. My husband and I had NO CLUE what we were doing. Our debates would have been (and probably were to those nearby) laughable to say the least.

One major purchase (major because you will use it EVERY DAY and EVERY NIGHT but NOT major due to cost) is a humidifier for your baby’s nursery. There are so many things that come into play when you think about this purchase. One, we weren’t aware that they should have one on while they are sleeping. We thought it was only for when they were sick (and when she got sick for the first time, I didn’t know to get it out of the box. Luckily, a mommy friend of mine was over at our house and asked me if I had her humidifier on in her nursery when she took a nap as well as while she was sleeping. Uh, no, we haven’t gotten it out of the box, was my reply). I am sure all of you mom and dads out there are shaking your heads, but it is TRUE.

During a recent discussion with a close mommy friend of mine and my husband, I did some research to determine what we SHOULD have known BEFORE we made the purchase, (two humidifiers later, that is).

Two of our issues are, mold and mineral dust in the air. No matter how much we clean this humidifier (cool mist) we have a moldy scent and there is always a build up in the chambers. It’s bothersome! We clean it all the time. The main reason for mold is standing water, which we never have because I empty it every morning. We also have a “white dust” that is deposited into the air onto all of her furniture. This is a result of the breakdown of minerals in our water and (thankfully) isn’t harmful to baby.

These are two issues that can both be eliminated by using a warm mist humidifier or an ultrasonic humidifier. Again, WHO KNEW!?

I am not making a recommendation as to which humidifier to purchase or not to purchase. Rather, I am providing this wonderful link to a clear explanation of all three out there (warm mist, cool moisture and ultrasonic), their benefits and their drawbacks, and why you should feel comfortable figuring out what you need before you make a decision to buy (or when you have to buy again). It definitely helped me out so I had to share. The website is iAllergy and you can click here to be directed to the page I felt so helpful.

Share your comments and thoughts! Would love to hear from you.

XO ~ Stephanie

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