During Sleep, Their Brains Grow…


Sometimes, after her milk, a story, looking at and naming all of her stuffed animals, “talking” while I rock her, listening to her lullaby aquarium, she is still overly active. I recognize that this hyper activity is her way of keeping herself awake to not take her nap. Not because she is overly tired because she sleeps 12 hours every night, from 8:30pm – 8:30am, but because she depends on me to remind her when she needs to SLEEP. It’s so important that she gets her naps during the day because that is when her brain grows. She re-energizes and simple tasks aren’t daunting. Playtime is more fun. Patience is easier to learn. She has more time to love and learn than to throw a fit and be ornery.

So when I lay her down with her night-night, turn her mobile on, and walk away telling her Kiki (our family dog) and I are going to be “right back,” I do feel bad when she pops up, standing in her crib, holding on waiting for our return. But her cry out to us lasts for about one minute, while we walk downstairs. Then she begins her sleepy time talk, holding on to her blanket, and within 10-15 minutes, she is asleep. For a two hour nap.

And that makes me feel so good. It’s hard to walk away when they want us, when they cry out and look at us with desperation. But with a quick reminder that we will be right back, she is reassured and off in her little dreamy lala land. For a much needed, necessary nap. And not only does her patience grow, but so does her brain.

And that big well-rested smile is completely amazing and worth it when she wakes up.

XO ~ Stephanie

Tiny.Asleep (1) Tiny.Asleep (2)

2 thoughts on “During Sleep, Their Brains Grow…

  1. That is so sweet! And a two-hour nap? Good for her! And you!!! Miss Charlotte is still taking three :20-:30 naps a day. While I would love 2 straight hours to accomplish something (anything!), I mostly worry that those short naps aren’t allowing for proper brain development. She sleeps 10-11 hours at night, so I’m hoping that and her cat naps are enough. I’m sure she’d sleep longer if I lied down with her…and it might do this mommy some good too. Ah, the joys if trying to figure out the right answer for this baby. 🙂

    • Thank you Bree! Your little Charley is just fine and you are doing an AMAZING job with her! This whole process of raising a little one is full of questions and all we can do is continue to share and help each other out. It’s such an awesome experience and it’s kind of funny too when you think about it. She is new at being a baby and you are new at being a mommy. So really, you’re setting a precedence daily for each other. She only knows what you’re giving her and you only give based on your gut feeling. Isn’t that wonderful? What a gift we’ve been given!! Her naps will get longer. One piece of advice one of my sister-in-law’s told me when I was at your stage (6-9 months?) was to know that the “goal” is two longer naps a day – morning and afternoon. At the time when she told me, it really made sense, but I couldn’t IMAGINE it would happen. But it DID! So, keeping that in mind might help you as you go through your day with her. And, oh my are you and I the lucky ones – we get to stay at home with them and KNOW their schedules! Misses and Kisses. XO

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