Organic Teething Biscuits (My Own Combination of Recipes!)


I needed some type of cookie or biscuit that doesn’t turn into GLUE when Mattelyn begins gnawing on it. The need for babies to use those tiny new front teeth and the desire to put everything in a their mouths is inevitable! I searched for good organic teething biscuits at the grocery store and we even bought some. They were full of preservatives (I know, I always complain about this) but it’s true! And once she began chewing on a biscuit, it turned so gooey and sticky that it became like glue. Her hair was sticking up like Cameron Diaz’s in the movie “There’s Something About Mary.” The end result was the teething biscuit half eaten and on the floor (now our fur baby’s snack), a completely new outfit and a bath. Anyone with a baby knows all of the above happens enough every day without adding another reason to do it all! Not to mention, one box of 6 was $6.

I discovered I could make her teething biscuits (and why not!) They would be as fresh and organic as they could be and all I had to do was experiment with a few recipes and come up with something I liked.

WOW – was I in for a messy experiment! First, there are hundreds of recipes out there and the more I came across, the more I desired to make my own. I wanted to include certain ingredients I had read about (organic wheat germ, wheat flour, organic rolled oats, bananas, her oatmeal baby cereal for the iron, 100% organic maple syrup…) and I didn’t want to use sugar or brown sugar (I know maple syrup is sugar, but 100% natural organic maple syrup is essentially all natural sugar because it is the boiled down sap from the maple tree. Choosing a natural sugar is just better for your baby’s health than choosing a highly refined sugar, in my opinion. That said, it is still sugar and if you don’t want to use it, omit it and they will be biscuits that aren’t as sweet. The banana will still provide slight sweetness and the cinnamon plenty of flavor. I was off to Whole Foods to gather my ingredients and to my kitchen to test combinations out between naps and before she wakes in the morning. Here’s the recipe I ended up liking the most!


1/2 C formula or breast milk

1 beaten egg yolk

1 small ripe banana

4 T 100% organic maple syrup

2 T Vegetable Oil

*Mix the above wet ingredients together until smooth

3 T baby oatmeal cereal (I used banana flavored)

A couple dashes of cinnamon

1 C organic wheat flour

1/2 C organic wheat germ

1/2 C organic rolled oats (oatmeal)

Mix the dry ingredients with the wet. If the dough is sticky, like a stickier cookie dough, add more flour and more wheat germ until it is stiff and rollable. Roll the dough pretty thin and cookie cut them into the shapes you want.


Bake 350 degrees for 20 or more minutes on parchment paper. The cookies should be harder than a regular cookie and shouldn’t be soft in the middle.

Homemade.Teething.Biscuits (1)

Homemade.Teething.Biscuits (3)

She LOVED these biscuits or cookies. Because she is so young, I always sit with her while she eats her finger foods. Babies starting out and learning to eat are so cute and they are SO unpredictable! Like all new mamas out there, I worry all the time about her choking. They put way too large and way too many pieces in their mouths at one time and always the minute you look away. They also are learning how to use their tongues and swallowing is new for them. These cookies will break and they will crumble. They will eventually get very soft and they can break off in large pieces. Just stand by while they are enjoying their newest favorite snack and use your best judgement! I think you will enjoy knowing that it is a completely organic, healthy snack for your little one. I sure love knowing her little tummy is being nourished by something I made for her and didn’t take out of a box.

I would love to hear about your recipe! What your baby loves or doesn’t love. I hope you take a moment to subscribe to my blog! There are more posts to come soon as I am shooting for three posts a week now!

XO ~ Stephanie

6 thoughts on “Organic Teething Biscuits (My Own Combination of Recipes!)

  1. Again you blow me away with the great experiments you make to help little Mattelyn grow healthy!! Great job. I wouldn’t mind tasting those myself!! I think grandma needs some of these for her snack time!! Keep up the good work. I look forward to each and every post. MomXO

    • Thank you mom! You and dad are my biggest supporters! I agree – I thought about letting everyone know that these ARE healthy “cookies” while they aren’t as sweet as a traditional cookie, they sure hit the spot when you’re dieting! I have had a few and so has Mikki! Dog treats, too. What a deal! I figured they would be about 45 calories per cookie. Love you! And thanks again.

  2. Can’t wait to make these for Charlotte! We can’t use vegetable oil because of the soy, but I’ll sub that out and try them…once she has teeth, of course. We are still “teething” (aka: fussy, drooling, problems slerping, etc.) with nothing to show for it. 😉
    These sound delicious!!!

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