I Didn’t Know How Much I Needed This…

Beckett.Carseat.Cover.Pad2As a new mommy, (WAIT! Don’t stop reading because you don’t think you can relate. Maybe I should say, most of you know someone that is pregnant or just had a baby and would benefit from knowing about this… Or, this is a little more about one of my newest endeavors so give it a quick read…)

Anyway, as a new mommy, I struggled with carrying my newborn in her carseat while keeping her covered. You wouldn’t think this would be an issue, right? Shielding her from the sun, the wind, the rain, the snow – you name it, daily it is something. When you carry a carseat for the first year, and never have before, you suddenly recognize that the baby has to be covered from all angles for all different reasons and this poses problems all the time.

So you put the “retractable roof” or sun shade up and it covers the front or the back. But then you have either the front or the back left to cover. You aren’t thinking immediately about which direction you need to take them out of the car and carry them based on the way the wind is blowing or the sun is shining. And if you have ever been around a newborn, you recognize all too quickly that just a whisper of air in their faces takes their little breath away. And let’s be honest, really all you’re worried about is not waking them up (God forbid) when you’re trying your hardest to get into the restaurant. Or the blanket you’re trying to use blows off or gets caught in the car door. And not to mention, during the summer, you don’t have an extra blanket to cover the car seat because it’s hot outside. And in the winter, you don’t think to bring an extra blanket and if you’re suddenly trying to shield them from the rain or snow, you grab their blanket that’s covering them to put over the car seat and when you get inside, they only have a wet, cold blanket to cover up with. ANNOYING. My list goes on but you get my point!

That is how I ended up with my first car seat canopy or car seat cover. We were at Buy Buy Baby and Matt walks over to the cart and puts a car seat cover in the basket. I thought it was pretty expensive but I was impressed none-the-less because I thought, “Wow, we have needed this since she was born and I haven’t ever heard of one.” And Matt agreed. In the car, I immediately put it on (she was four months old), curious and skeptical. I couldn’t freaking believe how handy it was. It was SUCH A BRILLIANT IDEA. I was stunned that out of all of the people I know that have or have had babies, I had never heard of this. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t on every list of MUST HAVES for new parents (and there are hundreds of those lists) and it wasn’t in any of the baby registry books. I guess I was very surprised that this was a “newer” product in Buy Buy Baby, displayed only on an end-cap.

Can I just tell you? It made such a difference when we would go to restaurants – she would sleep longer while shopping, while we were eating at a restaurant, in the car, on walks when it was windy – you name it, the difference was noticeable and worth every penny times a hundred. I RAVED about this thing to EVERYONE I knew. I just couldn’t imagine that everyone didn’t have one. Not only did I think it was cool, when I would be out places, I would be asked where I got mine. I did notice other new parents that were “in-the-know” with their car seat canopies. I decided that everyone I knew that was having a baby NEEDED TO HAVE ONE too. So I learned how to make them and asked my mom if she would embroider them for me to give as gifts. After making about fifteen of them, and countless questions about where they were from, I began to figure out the cost for me to make them to sell.

For those of you that know me, this seems so far left-field but I was determined and it felt right. And I come from a long lineage of beautiful seamstresses and I’ve watched (with adoration) my mom sew my entire life (including my wedding dress). So it wasn’t too far fetched after all that this was something that would come naturally to me. And I got so much pleasure from making them for my friends and family. My type-A personality forces me to be a perfectionist when I sew them and it’s also why I decided I needed to sell them so that everyone can have what I was missing out on. (Well, me and about 50 other vendors out there on Etsy! But I have to say, I like mine the best. Totally biased). Anyway, I am introducing My Brown Baer Cub on Etsy and these are some of my first car sear canopies I have made and are now for sale.

And now you know why and how I came about doing this. One of my newest endeavors. Please stop by and visit, and like my shop or work if you will. And certainly consider one for someone you know that would be missing out if they didn’t have one.

XO ~ Stephanie





Beckett gift wrapPackaging7

From My Etsy Site – (www.etsy.com/shop/mybrownbaercub)

Carry your sweet little baby in style with my Monogrammed Car Seat Canopy! And keep them shielded from the elements. This cover will protect them from the sun, cold, rain, wind, and from airborne germs and as an added-benefit, keep them nice and dark for nap time! Especially while out at a restaurant or shopping during nap time – increase the amount of time you can be out and about. This cover attaches to your carseat with velcro straps at the top of the carrying arm (see photos). The straps keep it from blowing off – no more trying to keep a blanket over the carseat while also trying to keep baby covered and shielded from the sun. No more guessing what direction the sun is when you take carseat out of the car. When baby wakes from his nap, you can simply flip the patterned side of the carseat canopy up and over the sun shade. The reverse is embroidered so that when it is flipped over, the name shows up the correct direction. This is accomplished before sewing it together.

This can also be used as a play mat while you are out or as an additional barrier between the ground and baby if germs are a concern. With the custom appliqué embroidery, it also doubles for a very cute blanket to take pictures of baby on. You can also use the carseat canopy cover as a stroller cover for the back of your stroller. When you have the baby reclined and the back mesh allows air in and it is too breezy, simply attach the cover to the handle on the stroller and allow it to hang down in front of your legs. This is a wind barrier for baby during particularly breezy days.

As a new mommy, I was always struggling with blankets to cover my newborn especially from the sun and wind in the very beginning. Their little breath gets taken away in an instant and makes it difficult to take walks of any length if baby isn’t properly covered. And my husband especially appreciated this when trying to protect baby from the bright glaring sunshine while taking her in and out of the car. I hope this serves you well too! I make each one with love thinking about your little one and imagining how I would feel to have it proudly displayed on my baby’s carseat. Careful to details, you will appreciate the love that goes into everything I make.

If you especially like this idea, consider it as a gift with a Matching, Oversized, Water-resistant, Changing Pad/Lap Cover. The set is also a perfect, unique, thoughtful, stylish, personalized gift for a baby shower! I never knew how much I would use this until I got one. Then I decided everyone I knew (and didn’t know yet!) needed to have both a car seat canopy and an oversized changing pad and began making them as gifts. Have you ever been in a public restroom trying to lay down the tiny, narrow changing pad that came with your diaper bag while holding onto your darling baby, managing the stroller and somehow the bags with your purchases? Only to find out, you can’t recall which side you laid down on the changing table last time and thinking to yourself, would it matter anyway??

That is how I (along with all my mommy friends) always feel. My solution is one of these stylish, water-resistant, yet absorbent, oversized changing pads. It is 17″ x 17″ square and makes for a PERFECT pad to lay down on the changing table where your baby’s head and back will be once you have laid down the small one your diaper bag came with. It is small and convenient enough to carry along (not to mention the cutest matching addition to your car seat canopy!) And you always know which side to lay down because the embroidered applique’ cloud should always face up!

This would also be perfect for a lap pad for a baby that spits up a lot, useful for when baby is being passed around when very little, or as a girlfriend and cousin of mine do, lay it in the nursery over the changing pad on the table and it’s an adorable addition to the room!

It can be washed and is just perfect for any occasion.

I use designer materials that are in style. It’s all about you being stylish and the baby being comfortable. I can use material that you don’t see on my site if you let me know color and style you want. I use all cotton, breathable material for the cover and the pad itself is polyester and cotton.

The embroidery and applique’ cloud is crafted by my mother (she is an embroidery professional) and I sew everything. I gift wrap with twine and brown mailing paper along with a tag that says handmade with love from My Brown Baer Cub (see photo). It is a deal to purchase them together at a combined price of $70 plus shipping (that’s $5 off the price if individually purchased). If you want the changing pad cover only, it costs $25. The carseat alone is $50. Please inquire via email for the cost without embroidery.

I would love to add you to my client list and welcome you to My Brown Baer Cub. You can also read more about me, my shop, my new daughter and all of my endeavors at mybrownbaercub.com.

XO ~ Stephanie

5 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know How Much I Needed This…

  1. Love! Love! Love!
    This is one of my favorite and most useful baby gift! It has now become the gift I give my friends when they have babes!!!

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