Don’t Worry, I’ve Only Dropped It 10 Times Today Already…


The pacifier, binky, passy, the plug, whatever you call it, if your little one needs one, you will likely find the closest one on the floor. And, it doesn’t matter how many of them you own and how many places you strategically place them – they will be on the floor when you need it.

I can’t say I have a remedy for that problem, but I do have a product that I fell in love with and happened across accidentally. It is called “Booginheads” and is the only pacifier grip I found that will attach the infamous, universal hospital provided newborn pacifier called a “Soothie” that so many new moms are all too familiar with. Soothies ( also have their version of this clip but I wasn’t aware of them when I came across the Booginheads and they are not the same (personal preference).

The holders are cute and come in all different colors and designs and I truly believe every new mom needs one. It will work to attach any pacifier to anything and the metal clasp is the best – especially compared to the large plastic clips that are annoying to try to fit onto a small baby’s shirt or bib. And like it or not, these days, the pacifier is in the picture whether planned or not since the smart phones are capturing every moment. That is also why I own several so that I can match them to outfits and to pacifiers (yep, that is SO ME!)

So visit the BooginHead website. Their pacifiers are super cute too and make for a treasured gift for an expectant mom as they can be personalized!

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