How Much Water Do You Need While Breastfeeding?

I just have to say, OMG – BREASTFEEDING! I am SO HUNGRY and SO THIRSTY!!! Never mind, sleep deprived, sore, etc., etc. I am no expert and I have read at least 100 different articles on breastfeeding to find out, “What is the right amount of water you need while breastfeeding?” and everything tells you a different amount or no specific amount AT ALL and the reason is, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT – our metabolisms are different and our bodies use water differently. Just like our pregnancies and our babies – go with what works for you. What works for me is about a gallon of water a day – I know, crazy, right?? Some say 64 ounces at least everyday, some say upwards of 80 ounces. Some say you don’t have to specifically drink water – that you get plenty of water from your tea, coffee, juice or just your regular beverage of choice. To keep it simple, here are the 3 main things I garnered from my readings that made the most sense to me and SIMPLIFIED it:


2. The amount of water you drink or don’t drink doesn’t increase or decrease your milk production.

3. You should drink the amount of water that makes you feel hydrated – which is the same advice for non-lactating moms. You should be urinating almost clear – not deep yellow and your urine shouldn’t have a noticeable scent.

I wanted to pass on something that helped me REMEMBER to drink water – let’s face it – we have new baby, new sleep-deprived mommy brain and believe it or not, I found myself without water ALL THE TIME. Every two hours (and less in the beginning) I was scooping up my crying newborn precious tiny baby, grabbing my iPhone with my breastfeeding app, remembering a new burp rag, a blanket, and my boppy pillow to nurse. The last thing I was thinking about was ME and my need (and desire) for water.

Establishing a main water bottle that my husband or mother or mother-in-law could fill with ice and fresh water from the refrigerator was a life saver. They could fill my water bottle for me and I was always thankful. This particular bottle made by Contigo (a Chicago company – helped me to fill on my own, and drink from with one hand, utilizing the straw or as a water bottle without the straw. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It holds 24 ounces or 3 cups of ice water and I EASILY go through 6 of these everyday – which is over a gallon of water a day. I also pay attention to the time that I filled it by marking the time on my bottle that I filled it – if by 9am I haven’t finished one full bottle, I know I need to make a point to drink. The handle makes it convenient to grab with everything else I have to pay attention to and if it knocks over because I have become an even clumsier person, it doesn’t spill.

This seems like an easy enough idea or thought – and quite logical, doesn’t it? But nothing that is easy appears easy when you’re caring for a NEW LIFE. I hope this helps – I wish I had designated this FROM THE BEGINNING. Just tuck it away and keep it in mind. Also, if you go their website,, you can signup and receive 15% off your first purchase.

Lastly, I will continue using this water bottle because I rather love it for all the reasons above even after breastfeeding. My husband uses a different color bottle and I have a separate one that is a different color for my fresh juices I juice daily.

Good luck breastfeeding! I hope this was enjoyable and HELPFUL most of all.


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