111 Miles Since March

We are going to begin our walks for August tomorrow – I have been so adamant to get in at least 10 miles a week since Mattelyn’s birth. We did really well in April, May and June and July it just got TOO HOT!! But tomorrow, we are going to stick to it! I am planning on logging 55 miles in August and participating in the Instagram #55milesinaugust project. Having something to motivate me always helps!

I keep a log of all our miles on a calendar and use the “walkmeter” app on my iPhone to log mileage. I think it will be fun for her to get older and see how many miles we walked her first year with photos and all. I believe it sets a good, healthy example early on in her little life. She will enjoy seeing the photos of us – her in the stroller and our dog Mikki on her leash attached.

Since she will be 5 months this weekend on the 6th, it has become increasingly challenging to take walks in her stroller. She is young enough that she still has to be in the car seat but old enough that she doesn’t sleep the whole walk now. She wants desperately to be out of the harness! For the first three months, she would sleep for a good two hour walk and I took full advantage of that even in very cold, icy Chicago winter March and April weather. Now, we have had to cut down the mileage because she doesn’t want to be constrained for that amount of time and gets hot inside her car seat. When she was only a month or two old, the wind was a big part of our walks because it would take her breath away. I began putting the Advent Gauze thin summer blankets over the car seat so that the wind wouldn’t catch her. (I will post photos of her when we first started walking until now – pretty cute as she has grown). We even did our first 5K the beginning of this June.

I am excited for what month 5 brings us for our walks. I believe she will be sitting upright on her own this month (really, anytime now – she is very strong and determined). When that happens, it will be a lot of fun for her as she will be able to sit forward facing in her City Mini stroller and out of her car seat! And I will be able to jog with her! Looking forward to that.

At the same time, it makes me a little sad to know that she is growing so quickly. She is going to be out of her car seat in the stroller and no longer facing me as we walk. I won’t see that tiny smiling face looking at me or her sweet expressions while she sleeps. I won’t be able to stare at her wondering what she is going to talk about on our walks when she can talk. As I get emotional thinking about it even as I write this, I know it is something that is only the beginning of a long list of this type of thing I am going to have to get used to.

As we venture out to log our miles in August tomorrow, participating in the motivational healthy lifestyle perpetuated through social media, adding to her calendar of mileage, I will be sure to take my time looking at her pretty little curious face and enjoy the weather and our familiar two and a half miles that our dog Mikki basically leads for us. We have logged 111 miles since she was born March 6th and I logged 245 miles while I was pregnant with her. I think it will be fun to know how many miles she walks throughout her life.

Until tomorrow…

These photos are from our very first walk in March. She is SO TINY and brand new!!!ImageImage

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